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Winnipeg's Extraordinary Skincare Studio & Laser Hair Removal Spa


Located in the heart of Winnipeg City, Canada, we specialize in safe, non-invasive, pain-free treatments that will make you feel more comfortable with yourself while enhancing your natural beauty. About Me


My Approach

These days we are exposed to so many external damaging factors, such as stress, unbalanced lifestyle, unusual work hours, unhealthy diet, and light exposure from different light sources. We really need to maintain certain skin care routines to keep our skin youthful and radiant longer.

I love how effective and harmless laser technology is for Full Body Laser Hair Removal, and how it provides a wide range of treatments for many different skin conditions.

Hello, I am Rabia!

Founder & Owner of The Laser Spa Winnipeg

I’ve always been interested in non-invasive, painless, natural, and healthy methods of skin care. I believe that we are all naturally beautiful in our own way and with amazing modern technology, we can become more comfortable and happier with our bodies about me.

My goal is to provide good quality treatment with one hundred percent results, and my biggest reward is seeing the happy, glowing, and satisfied faces of my clients after.

There are a couple of rules I always follow in any job I do. These rules are to keep my work area clean and sanitized, always keep educating myself in professional areas, be kind and make sure that clients feel comfortable and safe with me.

Hope to see you soon!

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